d-lite is Richmond’s one-stop shop for lighting and electrical products

When he acquired the d-lite lighting and electrical products business on Sheen Road in June 2016, Chazz Gill was a newcomer to the industry. But, as he confirms, that relative lack of experience has actually stood him in good stead.

‘My background was in acoustics, specifically sound and vibration analysis and monitoring, so there were parallels in terms of understanding electronics,’ says Chazz. ‘However, I knew that I’d have to get up to speed quickly with all the brands, products and technology – which is exactly what I did!

‘As a result, I’ve found that I can explain technical issues to customers in jargon-free terms. That’s because I’ve had to learn too!’ Add in Chazz’s friendly personality (the kettle is always on) and it’s clear why he has a growing clientele comprising local people who want bulbs, switches, electrical plates and stylish interior, exterior and garden lights, tradesmen who require basics such as trunking, junction boxes and insulation tape, and interior designers, architects and developers who are working on refurbishment and major re-build projects.

Since he took over Chazz has completely re-modelled the interior of the shop, making it more customer-friendly. ‘We now have a catalogue counter with comfy stools, all the lighting displays are interactive and I have installed a “Light Lab” which showcases LED light sources, demonstrating their varied qualities, intensities and colour temperatures.

‘I’ve also improved the range and consistency of our goods – for example we now stock more LED tape profiles – and we work with high quality suppliers (including Orluna, Levello, Original BTC and Forbes & Lomax) across all budget brackets. In addition, whenever possible, I always try to price match products.’

Chazz is particularly keen on collaborating with other local businesses. ‘If a customer asks for advice with a lighting design concept or needs an excellent all-round electrician or an interior designer with the expertise to match lighting and furnishings, then I can recommend someone I know and trust. It’s all part of providing a comprehensive, service for the community.’